Any client using the website and / or payment solutions to make a payment understands that they are making a payment to a company / person that is not affiliated and / or related in any way to How To Pay. Clients must make their own investigations into the company / person before making a payment and based on these investigations be confident to proceed or decline the payment. The client accepts they will make the payment by the method requested by the company / person and the payment is made willingly.

How To Pay is not aware of the goods or services being traded between the clients and only provides a platform for the parties to be able to process the transaction.


In making the payment and using the services provided by to facilitate this payment all clients fully indemnify How To Pay, its agents, employees and any third parties against any loss and or damages whatsoever they may incur as a direct or consequential result of this transaction. The client making the payment acknowledges and agrees that How To Pay is in no way responsible or liable for the goods and or services that is being purchased from the company / person.


Any questions a client may have should be directly made to the company / person that the payment is being made to.